15 jul 2016 till 31 dec 2016
(SVILOVA online, lecture/workshops, Berlin residency and online interviews


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Oscar Ramos

Svilova is a culture platform that focus on highlighting and promoting current issues in culture, art and community development. The goal of Svilova is to develop new methods and strategies to create changes in the field of culture and at the same time stimulate Västra Götalandsregionen scene by bringing it in contact with an international cultural network. We are an online/offline meeting space for regional and international audiences and we use the internet and social media as a channels to reach new audiences. Svilova's target group is not only the publics from the fields of culture and art, we also try to work as a cross disciplinary platform that aims to integrate in the dialogue people from other professional backgrounds, gender, age & mixed interests. For the fall of 2016, Svilova will keep on producing exhibitions, workshops and open lectures + we will reload our online image with a webpage upgrade and will start a series of interviews with VGR artists/cultural producers,etc. to highlight the creative scene in the city of Västra Götalandsregionen.

We try to highlight and promote the Västra Götalands region by doing collaborations with an International scene and a mix of people with different and diverse professional backgrounds. Presenting in English the work from region based artists,curators, authors, etc., we have been able to reach audiences from other countries and using the internet as platform has allowed us to reach people with diverse professional backgrounds.

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